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Financial Services

For companies navigating complex transactions and reporting requirements, building and maintaining high-performing finance
teams is critical. For those firms that struggle to keep up with these demands, Cordatus Resource Group is uniquely positioned to help. Cordatus has deep roots in financial planning and analysis, and builds teams of talented analysts capable of handling even the most complex analysis work.

Cordatus is a different kind of BPO. Our mission is to bring unmatched expertise and service to the world of offshoring. Our financial services staff includes MBAs, CMAs, and CFAs all trained
in a wide array of accounting, analysis, reporting, and visualization platforms. Each client team is hand-picked to meet the specific requirements, working hours, and culture of the client they serve.

How we can help

Firms that require high-level analysts require professionals that can work independently to identify all inputs, constraints, and deliverables on a project. The team at Cordatus delivers exactly that. While that means our financial services team can handle almost any complex analysis work.

Modern firms cannot afford delays in their financial processes if they want to remain competitive. Cordatus Resource Group is here to help. With Cordatus, you gain access to world-class financial analysts at globally competitive rates.


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Our teams of analysts join us with a wide range of expertise across many of the latest tools for the industry, and quickly learn how to use any new tools our clients require.

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