The Benefits

Cordatus views every client relationship as a partnership. Our company exists to help businesses tackle new challenges, improve efficiency, and save money. When we begin working with a new client, our mission is to work consultatively with them to best determine how to make their business easier and less costly to operate. Below are just a few ways our services do that every day:

  • Service On-Demand — Instead of hiring full-time staff you can outsource many of your common business functions to Cordatus and pay for only hours worked. And with our industry-leading time tracking tools we can ensure the hours logged were productive.
  • Reduced Labor Rates — With a wide network of US-based and offshore professionals we can accomplish tasks for you at a fraction of the hourly rate of hiring direct. Our global teams coordinate fulfillment to bring our clients that local approach, but with unbeatable rates.
  • Availability – 24/7/365 — Our team can be working even when your office is closed. Leverage the advantages of a global approach and make your business a truly world-class enterprise

Our Services

While our operations office can put together teams for almost ANY modern business challenge, the services below represent our CORE offerings.  However, if you are considering outsourced services we recommend contacting us directly to discuss your needs.  You might be surprised just how easy it is to work with Cordatus, regardless of what you need to accomplish.

Let’s get started

  Our services can help your company save money and improve efficiency.  Why spend valuable time and energy performing those tasks that can be handled by one of our professionals?  Contact us today and learn just how easy it is to outsource those tasks that are limiting your potential.

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