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Bringing world-class people, processes, and technology together to create an exceptional BPO experience for every client.

Cordatus Resource Group

Both Gary and Afraz, friends since their undergraduate time at Cornell University, knew what it meant to work in international teams. They had seen what worked, but far too often, what went wrong when trying to build global fulfillment teams. Leveraging those experiences, and their geographic positioning, Gary and Afraz started Cordatus.

Since then, the two have been on a singular mission to redefine what people can expect from an offshore professional services team.

Cordatus Resource Group was founded in 2018 by Gary Rosenberger and Afraz Zafar with one mission

“To bring a new level of service and sophistication to the international outsourcing industry”


Gary Rosenberger

Director, Operations

Ever since his days in automation, Gary has been driven by process efficiency. He took this passion to the business world; overhauling companies by streamlining operations, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency.

His analytical approach and technical expertise guide our business infrastructure and process design for all new outsourcing engagements.

Afraz Zafar

Director, Finance

Afraz began his career by acquiring and overhauling a distressed brokerage house, later moving on to help found a financial advisory firm. From there, he joined as a partner in an outsourced financial services firm, building high-performing teams around the world.

His technical and leadership skills continue to help us build and refine our offshore team.

Our Mission

Our mission at Cordatus is to set a new standard for global outsourcing. We deliver a white glove, professional outsourcing experience by bringing together:

Top Industry Professionals

Cutting Edge Business Technology

Detailed Process Management

Guided by Principles, Driven by results

Cordatus is guided by certain key principles, shared by our founders and the team as a whole. It is these principles that shape every interaction we have with our clients, vendors, and our communities.

Customer Service

Cordatus is committed to providing an industry-leading customer experience for every client. Service is not a buzz word for us. It drives every aspect of our organization. We continually strive to exceed our clients’ expectations of what an offshore partner can be.

Operational Excellence

Outsourcing business processes requires meticulous attention to detail and adherence to procedures. It also requires an offshoring partner with a keen eye for continuous improvement in all stages of the process lifecycle. Here at Cordatus, we never stop working to improve the efficiency, repeatability, and accuracy of every client process.

Social Responsibility

Here at Cordatus we provide all of our staffers market-competitive salaries, benefits, and training and certification opportunities to help our team memebers advance their careers. We are also proud to offer many flexible, remote-based jobs to allow our team members to balance work, life, and family, in a dignified and sustainable way.

Honesty & Transparency

Here at Cordatus we believe that honesty builds trust, and trust is critical to everything we do. Building trust within a company can be challenging enough. Building trust with people around the globe can be impossible, certainly if everyone on the team is not honest and transparent. We work hard to earn our clients’ trust, and even harder to keep it.
We believe in the intrinsic value of every human being, wherever they might live, and work to empower and enhance the lives of every member of our team. After all, our people are what makes us great.

The Cordatus Difference

Here at Cordatus, we are much more than a typical Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. Our founders are committed to bringing world-class people, processes, and technology together to create a world class BPO experience for every client.

It doesn’t happen by accident. We work everyday to meet and exceed the standards we set for ourselves, and when we do, we raise our standards higher. We practice a process of continuous improvement internally and with each client engagement. It is our belief that there is always room to improve. You just have to be willing to put in the work.

What makes us different

White-Glove Onboarding

Shifting workflows to a remote team requires a thoughtful approach. At Cordatus, it’s our top priority. When we take on any new client process, our business process consultants work to ensure a seamless transition.

Real-time Communication

Working remotely doesn’t need to mean working on different hours. With 24/7 operations at Cordatus, our clients have the option to work with fulfillment teams in their own time zone. Our teams can be reached anytime by email, phone, text, chat, or video.

Precision Time Tracking

To provide detailed timesheets and performance metrics, every Cordatus staffer tracks their time down to the minute using some of the best technology for remote team management. With Cordatus, clients never have to guess how their offshore team is spending their time.

Detailed Process Documentation

As an ISO 9001 certified company, we follow meticulous protocols for process management, both internally and with every client. That means we document what we do, and do what we document. Our clients can rest assured that their offshore team is processing their work exactly as they specify.

Best-in-Class Productivity Tools

Every client deserves efficient and accurate fulfillment services. At Cordatus we deliver great performance by enabling our teams with the best productivity solutions on the market. These tools help us to manage staff allocations, maximize productivity, meet deadlines, and provide real-time status updates on client deliverables.

Industry-leading Customer Service

Our clients’ satisfaction is the most important objective we have here at Cordatus – not just a talking point. Our teams regularly go above and beyond to help our clients, and our management team wouldn’t have it any other way.

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