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Administrative Support

Every business needs a back-office support team they can rely on. Too often, companies struggle with hiring and retaining the admin team they need to operate efficiently. That is where Cordatus Resource Group can help. At Cordatus, we build custom teams of business administration professionals to handle everything from basic data entry to complex and time-sensitive business processes. When you work with Cordatus, you get consistent, accurate, timely administrative support so you can focus your in-house team on value-adding functions.

Cordatus is a different kind of BPO. Our mission is to bring unmatched expertise and service to the world of offshoring. Our administrative staff are trained in a wide array of business systems and productivity tools. Each client team is hand-picked to meet the specific requirements, working hours, and culture of the client they serve.

How we can help

By following a detailed process mapping procedure for every client, every process, every time, the team at Cordatus can support almost any administrative process needed by modern businesses.

In an industry filled with freelance Virtual Assistants, companies partner with Cordatus to avoid the perpetual cycle of hiring, training, and replacing individual staffers. By mapping each process and building teams with redundancy, we ensure continuous reliable support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all at globally competitive rates.

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Providing administrative support across a wide range of clients requires quickly mastering many new tools and software providers. Our detailed process mapping and documentation procedures allow us to train in on nearly any technology platform.

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