We are so excited to announce the three winners of the Month of Roses contest! Congratulations to Cathy Ahner, Karrie Hommerding and Kathy Herb! Each of them chose a loved one to be the recipient of a dozen roses, and all three had wonderful things to say about who they chose to be their sweetheart this Valentine’s Day:

Cathy’s roses went to her husband of 43 years, Steve. “He will sometimes send me flowers for a special time, but I’m going to turn the table for Valentine’s and give them to him.”

Karrie chose her big sister, Shelley. “I love this girl!! Through good times, bad times, crazy times, no matter what, my sister has been there for me! We have always had each other and always will!! I couldn’t imagine life without her!”

And Kathy surprised her parents, Chuck and Kathy. “They’ve been there for my family through thick and thin, especially this last week. They’ve been running and shopping and doing so much for me and my boys. This will be a nice little surprise thank you for them!”

Congrats again to our winners and a big THANK YOU to all who participated.