Outsourcing your accounting team is a huge decision, especially if you’ve only ever relied on an in-house team. However, this is a decision that will help increase business efficiency by saving you time and money. For reference, the average CEO pays accountants around $70,000 per year. Plus, you must provide employee benefits like health insurance and 401k matching. Here’s why you should consider outsourcing your accounting team today:

Business women reviewing data in financial statement. AccountingAvoid paying for downtime

Many consulting agencies require a base retainer upfront but don’t work all the hours promised. Although the agency may work more hours one month than another, you should only be paying for the time actually worked each month.

With the right partner, you can find a balance. The right partner will never push breaks, vacations, or sick time onto you. When searching for these types of services, only partner with someone who offers reasonable rates and prorated hourly billing.


The right partner should be reasonably priced without sacrificing professionalism. Your outsourced team should be prompt, honest, and easy to communicate with.

Most reputable firms offer a quality service guarantee. If your outsourced team doesn’t hit the mark on a project, the issue is fixed for free or you’ll receive service credits. Despite this guarantee, it’s your job as a business owner to guide your team in the right direction to ensure the correct work happens on deadline.


While vetting a potential partner, one of the biggest things to evaluate is expertise. One good rule of thumb is checking the company’s LinkedIn profile to help you vet employee experience. Are these experts or recent college grads with little to no experience?

Another thing to look for is an experienced management team. The best firms have experienced managers in place to help handle issues, not just the sales team. Issues are likely to happen in any situation, so it’s important who you choose to handle them.


When looking for the right partner, ask yourself if they can handle the workload as your business grows. Is the firm limited to just accounting? Can they do marketing and administrative tasks as well?

Essentially your partner should care more about spectacular service than making a few extra bucks. If the customer care is there, you’ll notice the difference in the product.

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