Many businesses are cutting costs to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic by investing in a remote staffing solution. When hiring remote staff, you have the option to scale up or down work as you need and don’t have to make any serious commitments during a financially hard time.

Online Video Conference CallThough a remote staffing solution might seem like a quick and easy fix, there are a few things you need to know before pulling the trigger.

1) Expectations must be clear

When working with a remote team that’s on call, you need to put some extra time into declaring your expectations. Although the position is flexible and you can work from anywhere, that doesn’t mean the work should be low quality or not up to standard. Deliverables must arrive on time and be polished. If the deliverables are always late, it’s time to partner with someone else.

2) Plan out regular communication

When you’re working with a remote team, it’s essential to establish a daily check-in. When employees are required to share their goals for the day at a regular meeting, they’re more likely to stay on task and be accountable. To make these check-ins easier, consider using a collaborative work tool like Slack, Trello, or Marco Polo. Try not to overcommunicate, though, because it can be exhausting.

3) Provide the right tools and technology

When you’re working with a remote team, you need to ensure they have the right tools and technology to make the job happen. You must establish access to these tools ahead of time to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings or causing a miscommunication. If you have plenty of office space, consider asking your remote workers to visit the job site. Face-to-face interactions can make communication and collaboration much easier.

4) Make a priority list

When you start work on a new project, your remote team needs additional guidance to feel comfortable. Do your team a favor by making a priority list of what items are the most important and what can wait. Your team will appreciate the extra direction! Also, if your team needs access to any files to do their job. Be sure to take care of this first to avoid any project delays.

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