So, you’re ready to hire a freelance team and are looking for the best fit. Chances are you don’t want a year-long contract with high charges or unforgiving cancellation fees.

Flexibility and adaptability are crucial when it comes to finding the right freelance team that you’d like to build a long-term relationship with. What should you look for? Here are a few important things you’ll want to consider:

Charming mixed race woman in striped pink dress aitting in coffe1. Expertise

When you visit a website promoting a freelance team, the first thing you should look for are signs of expertise and credibility. Who are the specific people you would be in contact with? What is their experience? Do they have a good reputation?

Another thing you should look for is a team of experts versus a single individual when it comes to tasks. Having an entire team to rely on instead of just one person gives you peace of mind knowing the job will be completed on time. Going with a full team is also a viable option because a single person can get sick, go on vacation, or find a new job with little notice. At Cordatus Resource Group, we work in teams, giving you wider access to our pool of expertise.

2. Good communication skills

Good communication skills are crucial if you want to have a long-standing and functional relationship with your freelance team. A lot of these communication skills become visible during the initial prospecting call.

Did the representative get back to you promptly? When they did get back to you, did they sound like they knew what they were talking about? What is their experience in your industry? To receive answers to these and other questions, come prepared with a detailed list and make sure to research the company’s background.

3.) An exceptional portfolio

Before signing any deal, make sure you’ve viewed the company’s portfolio and gauge the value of their delivered work. You can also ask for access to specific case studies that highlight key performance indicators like return on investment (ROI) and return on ad-spending (ROAS).

If you’re not impressed with the company’s portfolio, don’t hesitate to tell them why and outline what you were expecting to see. Freelancers value your professional feedback and want to know how they can improve for future clients.

When considering hiring a flexible freelance team, Cordatus Resource Group should be your first choice. We help companies in many industries, including marketing, accounting, web development, data entry, and more. Visit our website to get in touch.