Millions of Americans began working from home at the beginning of March to help decrease the spread of COVID-19, according to CNBC. Since this new adjustment, nearly 43% of full-time American employees say they want to work remotely more often in the upcoming months.

With no clear prediction of what the “new normal” will be, many business leaders have learned how to adapt to leading a workforce remotely. If you’re a business owner and are struggling juggling tasks during this time, consider the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

1. Flexibility

Let’s face it — working from home isn’t always glamorous and it’s sometimes difficult to put the laptop down. Do you need help with a specific project but don’t want to invest in paying a full time professional? Our services are completely flexible and are scaled up or down at any time with no surprise fees.

2. Save Major Cash

Outsourcing is a major way to cut spending while increasing employee productivity. Instead of relying on your in-house team to take over new responsibilities, hire professionals from around the world to accomplish the same tasks for a fraction of the hourly rate. Plus, you’ll save money on overhead and employee benefits while increasing revenue.

3. 24/7 Service

Does a last-minute project come to mind while logging off for the day? Get in contact with us at any time and reap the benefits of our 24/7/365 service. Never worry about working after hours again! Plus, you can check in with us virtually, making it easy to keep track of projects while working remotely. Simply get in touch with your outsourced professional to schedule a Zoom call.

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