You’d be surprised at the number of businesses that have never tried digital marketing before. In some cases, business owners are blinded by traditional methods like mailers and billboards; other times, they simply don’t have the budget for a skilled marketing team.

Whatever the case, it’s crucial to start putting your business out there on the internet for everyone to see. After all, 88% of small businesses use digital marketing, according to PR News Wire. While some face-to-face interaction is important, the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it crucial for your business to be able to communicate behind a screen.

If you’ve never tried digital marketing before, here’s how to get started:

1. Establish a workflow

Before you get into the weeds with the latest digital marketing tactics, you need to establish an acceptable workflow that fits with your business.

If you’re working with a freelancer or virtual assistant, you’ll need to establish a budget and timeline on when you expect to see results. Make it clear that if you’re not seeing results in a specific amount of time, you’ll move onto a different strategy.

Once you establish a flow, have your virtual assistant do a regular audit of how to improve workflows. At Cordatus Resource Group, we provide these resources and can make recommendations about whether or not you’ll need an onshore or offshore remote staffing solution.

2. Gain access to your data

Data is essential to a strong digital marketing plan. When you gather the right consumer data, you can make predictions about what your audience wants to see and what will sell.

When developing your marketing plan, set up a Google Analytics and Google Search Console account. Both of these tools are completely free and can help you gain access to relevant consumer data. For example, in Google Analytics, you can parse out which customers are coming from paid media efforts, organically, and from referral traffic.

If this all sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, don’t worry. Cordatus Resrouce Group can help! We’ll break down your data and provide you with insights, so you can continue to grow your business and thrive.

3. Eliminate inefficiencies

In theory, you could have the best workflow in the world, but you won’t have a chance to test that theory until you diagnose it for inefficiencies. For example, if the team you’re working with isn’t flexible and open to feedback, it’s not going to work out. We can identify potential flaws in your system and help your business save money.

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