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Our Mission

Building an agile and scalable team is key to achieving sustainable growth in today’s global business environment.

Here at Cordatus it is our mission to bring top-quality offshore professionals to clients who need to build flexible, cost-effective fulfillment teams to help grow their businesses.

When you work with Cordatus, you get best-in-class outsourcing services.

Simply stated, we are a different kind of BPO. We work in every time zone, and communicate on any platform, to become a natural extension of your existing team. We track every staffer’s time and activity down to the minute, and deliver all services in an internationally accredited, secure data ecosystem.

ISO 9001 Certified

We carefully document every process we support and manage each engagement with precision.

ISO 9001 : 2025

ISO 27001 Certified

We adhere to global best practices for data security and continuously update and improve our IT systems.

ISO 27001 : 2022

Our Services

Here at Cordatus we believe every company can benefit from incorporating outsourcing into their labor strategy.

Growing companies turn to Cordatus to build quality accounting teams across the skills spectrum, from Clerks to Controllers.

For those companies that need support in their finance department, Cordatus can structure teams of certified financial analysts to help them grow.

With a team of I.T. experts, and a company certified according to the highest global standards for information security, we help companies manage their IT infrastucture.

With impeccable English skills and advanced CX training, Cordatus Customer Service teams bring unmatched value to growing businesses.

When back office operations are slowing down growth, clients turn to Cordatus to outsource even the most complex business processes.


Here at Cordatus we believe every company can benefit from incorporating outsourcing into their labor strategy. When companies partner with Cordatus they achieve:


Companies gain access to a wide bench of industry-best professionals provided on a contract basis. Save up to 60% in direct labor costs and eliminate all HR and payroll tax obligations - along with the time and money required to hire, train, manage, and replace staff.


Thanks to our deep bench of trained professionals, companies can quickly scale up their outsourced team to match their fulfillment needs, or reduce its size after seasonal surges in workloads pass.


Every client team we build here at Cordatus has functional redundancy for all critical roles providing reliable, continuous fulfillment without sick days, vacation days, or holidays for our clients to manage.

Maximize Your Bottom Line with Cordatus

Reduce costs, improve margins, and never worry about labor shortages again with Cordatus. We offer 24/7/365 access to a diverse pool of talented professionals that can be contracted directly or integrated into a fully managed team. Our competitive rates can save you up to 60% in direct labor costs, without sacrificing quality.

Our extensive talent network allows us to tap into talent pools from a variety of world markets and train staff according to our exacting standards, providing you with a range of options to meet your business needs. Choose Cordatus for unparalleled affordability, accessibility, and expertise.

Working globally is simple with Cordatus

We’re solely focused on exceeding expectations of what a Business Process Outsourcing firm can be. Our consultants take the time to understand your business and your goals, and our unique outsourcing model ensures that our clients receive prompt and accurate work from a team they can always rely on.

White-Glove Onboarding

Detailed Process Documentation

Real-Time Communication

Precision Time Tracking

Best-in-Class Productivity

Industry-leading Customer Service

How It Works

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Business Goals

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Want to fill in those staffing gaps while saving up to 60% on hourly labor rates?

Gain access to our expansive global network of outsourced talent to help you achieve your business goals.

Industries We Serve

Cordatus builds custom fulfillment teams for organizations requiring a truly world-class offshoring partner. While we can support almost any industry thanks to our versatile team structure and methodical onboarding process, we have particular expertise in industries requiring an elite class of offshore accounting and administrative professionals.


I've been really pleased with Cordatus. We brought them in to help us scale up our accounting department as we continue to grow, and everything has gone well. They are quick to respond, professional, and always available to take on more. I would recommend Cordatus to any construction company looking for a reliable, flexible solution for their back-office.

Ethan Jones Capital Construction

As a solopreneur, it’s imperative to have the best vendor teams in place that I can outsource parts of my business to – especially the things I struggle to keep up with most. I saw my admin workload getting to be too much for me to manage on my own. Within a couple weeks of handing that over to Cordatus, I had freed up so much time to do the creative parts of my business I love. I literally bought back time! I can’t recommend them enough for business owners who need more time in their day.

Caitlin Hix Cate Black LLC

We hired Cordatus in 2018, and they have been a fantastic resource for our team as we have grown. Our growth has been explosive and without the outsourcing services that Cordatus provides, I’m not sure we would be in as healthy a position as we are today. I consider Cordatus more of a partner than a vendor. Our accounting team relies on them as do all of our business-line leaders. They are efficient, thoughtful, and committed. I highly recommend Cordatus.

Tony Julianelle Atlas Real Estate

Cordatus has been a GAME CHANGER for my company. Their team has done a fantastic job supporting our social media strategy, which has been instrumental in growing our following and defining our brand. They are prompt, professional, and do great work! I would definitely recommend Cordatus to any business in need of quality admin support.

Beth Weldon Beth Weldon Design

Cordatus has been a great partner to Presidium. The Cordatus team performed a seamless rollout, and ongoing communication and collaboration is very easy with their group. Using their services has allowed our internal team members to take on higher-level tasks and prioritize their professional growth while saving expenses for the company.

Lindsay Colbert Presidium

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