Back-Office Teams for Construction

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Construction Business Process Outsourcing

Construction firms face a unique set of operational challenges.

Tight budgets, stiff competition, and complex job costing make operating a modern construction company a challenge. To make matters worse, a typical construction company can’t simply hire anyone off the street to fill in the staffing gaps in their back-office operations. What makes the construction industry unique also makes it a challenge to find quality, trained professionals.

Cordatus Resource Group addresses those challenges.

  • We assemble back-office fulfillment teams, trained in the construction industry, to handle the most time-consuming aspects of a construction company’s operations.
  • When construction companies work with Cordatus, they gain access to qualified, trained professionals at globally competitive rates to help them manage their operations and remain efficient.


If your construction company is taking on more contracts,
you have probably felt some pressure in your accounting
department. Each new project brings additional
administrative burdens, but not the revenue to support a
larger in-house team.

By adding Cordatus to your labor strategy, you gain
access to a flexible workforce of accountants that
understand the construction industry.

General Bookkeeping

Payables Processing





Job Costing & Reporting


Fixed Asset Management


Beyond typical accounting functions, Cordatus can also support your company with high-quality administrative support at rates that can’t be beat.

We build custom teams of administrative professionals, with experience in construction and real estate, to handle almost any administrative task


  • Adding owners
  • Adding properties

LMS/EHS Compliance Tracking

Utility Connections & Disconnections

Social Media Support


As the construction industry continues to evolve, staying current in the latest tech platforms is a necessity. Our teams here at Cordatus continue to expand their expertise on many of the platforms used by construction companies each day. Even if we haven’t used a certain tool before, our detailed process mapping and documentation procedures allow us to train new staff on nearly any technology platform, quickly and effectively.

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